Meri Arnett-Kremian, B.A., J.D.
Life Artistry & Transition Mastery Coach

I want you to be everything that's you deep at the center of your being.
         - Confucius

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Meri's Soul Deep Coaching Mission Statement

By creating a safe sanctuary for exploration and using transformative coaching skills, 
I empower clients to live from their essence, tap their inner wisdom,
steer their lives in the direction of their dreams, and create soul-deep change.

My Value as Coach
I use my unique blend of life experience, wisdom, problem-solving ability, creativity, humor, and intuition to help clients see new options, hear the whispers of their hearts, and follow a path of their own creation toward the realization of their dreams. I help people navigate life challenges and create meaningful lives through a process of transformative coaching.
Coaching Qualifications
- practiced family and matrimonial law as an attorney for many years, honing my problem-solving skills
developed and delivered crisis intervention peer counseling training program prior to law school
- undergraduate training and experience in teaching combine to uniquely qualify me to create 
   online self-study programs and work with small groups in an effort to provide a broader range
   of services at a more affordable cost 
- successfully navigated many life challenges, including a mid-life divorce that led me to redesign my life,
   and uniquely positioned me to help others do the same
- know the value of coaching first-hand through having engaged in coaching partnerships as the client
- friends and acquaintances sought my counsel when they experienced bumps in the road of life, intuitively              recognizing my problem-solving and coaching ability even before I considered myself a professional coach
- trained at InviteChange to enhance natural coaching style and develop transformative coaching skills

"The Dream and the Dreamer" - Meri Arnett-Kremian
Who is Meri, at her Essence?
I am soul healer, dream-weaver, life artist, and midwife of meaningful change. I am an intrepid creative explorer, seer, sage, and story-teller. I hear beyond the words to the stirrings of the soul; I see potential and reflect it back so others can find their greatness.

Meri's Guiding Principles
- where thought goes, energy flows
- begin with the end in mind
- imagination is the beginning of creation
- if you're not finding joy, you're on the wrong path
- dance in alignment with what is until it changes
- be everything that's you, deep in the center of your being
- make a difference and create ripple effects